June Budget Recap

First off, we sold our home! If you're new here, we bought our current home before we had sold our original home. It took longer than expected but it's done and we are rich...j/k. We did profit almost $100k on the sale and only owned the house 5 1/2 years, but we are putting that money towards our new home, maxing our kid's college funds for the year, paying off our debt (minus the van) and saving the rest. After we signed Alex went straight to the Toyota dealership to buy himself a truck, but I threatened him to WALK AWAY, haha! We are both spenders but know we have to save and be financially smart so we can set our family up for success.

Check out what we spent in June on eating out, home decor and clothing!

Spent: $75

I went almost the entire month without purchasing any clothing, shoes or accessories for myself or kids. That wasn't intentional I was simply more focused on using my money for home furnishings as we were working on a few projects. I was in Fredericksburg last weekend for a girls trip and walked in to an amazing hat shop. I can't say no to a well made Stetson. Find it online here for WAY cheaper! Oh, and I forgot to mention I did get some new clothes gifted to me via Theory at their beautiful Domain Northside location.

Alex and I had fun working on our home now that we're settled in. Here's a list of all the house projects we did in June!

KIDS BEDROOMS: I decided to transition Walt and Whitney out of their cribs...terrible idea, but in the process I ended up buying a few things to update their rooms.
- Twin bed for Walt ($99)
- Canopy and pink rug for a reading nook (We already had Whitney's bed)
- Bedding for all three kids (saved 25% on every item)

PATIO: We spend a lot of time on our patio entertaining, grilling and listening to music so I wanted to make the space inviting and comfy.
- Two outdoor chairs, couch & coffee table from IKEA (saved over $600)
- 8x10 Outdoor Rug via At Home
- We built a faux boxwood and wood accent wall that I will share later

My in-laws gifted us a beautiful sideboard I picked out from Nadeau Furniture, which is new favorite furniture store in Austin. Affordable and unique! I'd love to add a mirror above it and a lamp, but I'm in no rush. I have a lot of things on my list, but the last thing I want to do is go in to debt decorating my home. It's not worth it, so I will wait. Items on my want list include kitchen barstools, dining table and chairs, entry way table and mirror, media room cabinets and sleeper sofa.

Spent: $650

In the past we've spent almost $1,000 eating out in a month so I'm happy with that number, especially since we eat out more in the summer. We will going on three weekend trips in July so our food and gas spending is going to go way up. Thankfully I've made some extra income from blogging that will help with those expenses.

Photos by Madeline Harper

In regards to income via blogging, it's definitely a big help for our family and has benefited us more than I could have ever imagined. My goal is to earn $40k by the end of the year. It's a lot of work, but I absolutely love it...8 years going strong!

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