2019 Recap | The Highs & Lows

It's crazy how much I forget in a year, heck I can't even remember what I did last weekend. Which is why I love recapping my year. Today I'm sharing my personal highs and lows from 2019!

- Bought a new home! Going in to 2019 we had no idea we would buy a new build, but here we are. Our favorite parts are the kitchen for entertaining and the neighborhood pool which we spend almost every night in the summer! See a full house tour here.

- Had the hardest year mentally as a mother. Three year old twins was ROUGH. My kids have ZERO chill and I hate to say but they inherited it from their mother. I raised my voice too much, I cried a lot, and Alex and I took out our stress on each other. Praying four is a bit easier.

- Spoke at a large blogger conference, Mom 2.0, about working with PR agencies. It was a major accomplishment, and I also hosted 12 bloggers at Casa Cartel! If you are a blogger I highly recommend attending a conference mainly for networking but also lots of learning. Check out my post for the Top 10 Conferences for Bloggers!

- Took an epic trip to Vail, Colorado with my mom & sis and stayed at the German inspired, Sonnenalp Hotel. See my summer guide to Vail here!

- Alex and I both got new jobs within our current companies, IBM and Apple. It always seems like we get roles around the same time, which is always exciting and stressful. Read more about my transition to a social strategist + my tips on getting a promotion here!

- Discovered my love for Orange Theory Fitness, but still gained weight. To be honest I'm bigger than I've been in a long time, and my goal for 2020 is to incorporate more veggies and fruit in to my daily eating.

- Vacationed with family and friends in FredericksburgSouth PadreMo-RanchAngel Fire, and the Frio River.

- Had our first broken arm, a few cases of the flu, and multiple and EXPENSIVE cavities.

- Celebrated 9 years of marriage with Alex and spent 24 hours kid-free with a stay at the historic Stage Coach Inn and golfed together for the first time in 4 years!

- Turner started first grade, turned 7 years old and played fall baseball. I realized I'm not ready to be a sports mom so soon.

Most importantly everyone was healthy which after loss I know is the greatest gift. Alex and I are blessed to have found a church we absolutely love and pray for a year of spiritual growth. Blogging continues to be the most fun side-hustle and I can't wait see what brands I work with in 2020!

Thank you for following along my journey!

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