My Travel Plans for 2020

Anyone else live for travel? It keeps me motivated and excited to have a trip to plan, and gets me through a tough work week when I know a break will be coming. They say simply planning a trip can make you happier than actually going on one! It's not cheap, but if you make travel a priority you can do it. You may have to start saving a year or YEARS in advance, but create a vision board and keep your eye on the prize. I realize some vacations are cheaper than others, maybe a family camping trip or a staycation and others are big getaways such as a trip abroad or taking the whole family to Disney. I like to mix local weekend trips in Texas with 1-2 larger trips a year.

Here are the trips I have lined up for 2020!

On a whim decided to join a group of bloggers for a short weekend in Nashville! The goal is to hang out, create in-person relationships (we only talk online) and maybe learn a few tips from each other about blogging. There will be about 30 of us and we'll be staying at a few Air Bnb's. I'm not going to a blogger conference this year, so I thought this would be a fun and more affordable alternative! Check out my guide to Nashville here.

After attending my first Round Top Antiques Week last fall I'm officially hooked, but this time I'm going back with Alex's truck! I hope my mom and sis will join me, and I'm specifically looking for a few antique pieces for my bedroom and Walt's bedroom. Round Top Antiques Fair has hundreds of vendors from across the country and they do this show once in the fall and once in the spring.

This is a work trip, but I'm still very excited because it will be my first year attending IBM's largest conference, THINK. I'll be there from Monday to Thursday, and I look forward to exploring the city if I have some free time at night.

Our 10 year anniversary trip to Europe has been in the works for 4 years! Last year our neighbors, Olivia and Clayton, said they were interested in joining us which will make the trip more fun. While we're away my in-laws and mom will swap watching the kids. Plane tickets were not cheap and cost us $3,750. I absolutely love being a tour guide and making itineraries. I'm doing a ton of research of best places to eat and activities! Here's a tentative itinerary of our 10 day trip.

- Travel Day (flying from Austin to Munich)
- Munich (2 nights)
- Salzburg (3 nights)
- Zell Am See (1 night)
- Bad Ischl / Saint Wolfgang area (1 night)
- Munich (1 night)
- Travel Day (flying from Munich to Austin)

Alex and I have been crashing my sister and her in-law's family vacation to the Frio River the past few years. We rent a River Bluff Cabin and spend time tubing, kayaking, visiting Garner State Park, and relaxing on the river. I also have my annual trip to Mo-Ranch, located on the Guadalupe River, with my old neighbors.

One day after shooting with my photographer, Madeline Harper,  she asked me if I wanted to go to New York Fashion Week in the fall and I replied, "Actually, yes!" I've wanted to attend for the past few years, but wasn't sure who to go with or what I would really do. I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I think it would be a fun experience to immerse myself in. I have a couple of Austin friends who are planning on going with me for the long weekend!

After not going skiing this year, we realized how much we missed it, so we made a choice that for Christmas break 2020 we were going. My side of the family loves to ski so we booked a large cabin together (14 people) in Red River for December 26-31. As much as I'd love to go to Colorado we know it's cheaper to drive to New Mexico and everything is a bit less expensive there. See my Red River ski guide here and Angel Fire guide here!

Photos: Madeline Harper | Dress: Zara 
Happy travels my friends!

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