Walt and Whitney | 5 Years Old

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins! When Alex and I started trying to have a second child, we NEVER imagined we would be pregnant with twins 😳.  Watch how we find out here! It has been a whirlwind the last five years, but we are so grateful for Walt and Whitney and their hilarious personalities and good health. 

We continued our tradition of shooting in Little Blue Olive party hats, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make them do this until they're 18! Their adorable birthday tees and giant confetti balloon are from June & January. 

- You don't like sleeping by yourself anymore, so for the past year you've slept in Whitney's room. Good thing I put a queen bed in there!
- You love Nerf guns, swords, bow and arrows and love strapping them to your body.
- You're very allergic to dogs and cats, but we're thankful Mac is hypoallergenic and you don't have any problems.
- You still love 1x1 time with Mom and Dad and are so well behaved when it's just us.
- Every day after school you run to your best friend's house to play and usually cry when we make you come home.
- You pretty much hate everything we cook except tacos and spaghetti.
- You will be one elated boy when you can play inside a McDonald's again. #covidbirthday
- For your birthday you asked for a kid's watch (Gigi is getting you that and I bought you the biggest Nerf gun you've ever seen).

- You are OBSESSED with animals and specifically cats.
- You have very big feelings and are my empathetic child.
- You ask often if you can ride a horse, and I hope to take you riding soon.
- You negotiate everything, and once you have your mind set on something there is NO turning back.
- You don't like dolls, but love a good stuffed animal to play zoo in your room.
- You are a coloring pro, and get very upset if Walt colors outside of the lines.
- You do not like being interrupted.
- For your birthday you asked for jjoooowwwweeeee (aka jewelry). I love the way you pronounce it.

I can't wait for you to start kindergarten this year and set out on your own separate journeys in the classroom! We celebrate you today at school with cupcakes and apple juice 🥳!

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