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It's hard to get on LinkedIn these days as I see so many friends in the tech industry being laid off. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I can say I'm extremely grateful for my team and the work I get to do. We are preparing for our biggest event of the year, Dell Technologies World, in May in Las Vegas so lots of things are ramping up! There's also other fun activations to come this Spring including SXSW and Dell Match Play. I highly recommend attending Dell Technologies Match Play if you are a golf fan. You can't beat the view, the vibe of the crowd and the weather is usually beautiful. 

Let's just say the school nurse has me on speed dial. She calls and says, "It's the (insert school) nurse again." It feels odd if I don't have a kid home with me at least once a week, but thankfully I do work from home. Hoping for better health this spring🤞. We are ramping back up with sports and I've kind of missed it (never thought I would say that). Turner and Whitney are playing soccer, and Walt is trying baseball for the first time. 

Walt was diagnosed with ADHD recently, and we've submitted the paperwork to his school so they can began the 504 plan process. I have experience with this because Turner has Dyslexia and ADHD and has a 504 plan since 1st grade. My advice to any parent that is questioning if their child has a learning difference....ASK QUESTIONS...especially to their teachers! Talk to your physician...it's never too early.

We've also welcomed a German exchange student, Vivien, in to our home in January . It was a very quick decision, and within a week of saying yes she moved in. Thankfully Whitney & Walt already share a room, so it was an easy transition for her to move into Whitney's room and have her own bathroom. It's a wonderful experience for our kids to learn about another culture, and we are able to create a positive and loving environment for a foreigner. Alex and I love showing her all the wonderful things American and Texas has to offer, but also understand the things we lack 😜 and where we could do better as a country and culture. She will be staying through the end of the year, and we're excited to watch her celebrate prom, her 17th birthday and many more events! If you are interested in hosting we've hosted through CETUSA and AYUSA. I highly recommend getting a student that is 16 going on 17 because they will have friends that can drive which is very helpful if you are a busy parent!

I have accepted I have a problem with planning trips. I am daily searching for a trip...girl's trip, family trip, couple's trip. I'm constantly searching for my next adventure and realize that's a characteristic of an Enneagram 7. The planning and dreaming is the funnest part and brings me pure joy! We have 3 trips locked in for 2023👇.

Cabo🌴: Couple's trip in June w/our best friends from college. We got two non-stop round trip tickets for $700 which is cheaper than flying in the US! 
Boston/Cape Cod🦞: Family trip with my mom, siblings & kids. We have family in the area because my Grampa was from Brockton, Mass. Alex and my kids have never been to the east coast so I'm very excited to show them all the amazing places. Hoping to make it to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Wood's Hole & Provincetown while we're there. I will be eating clam chowder daily! 
Mo-Ranch: Our annual family trip to the Texas Hill Country 

Hoping to add a Port Aransas beach trip, ski trip at Christmas, and sprinkle in a weekend in Fredericksburg with the gurlzzzz. I'm excited to be partnering with the Fairmont Austin again this year so will be doing a few staycations. My code "PJESSE" still works and gives you the best rate + free self parking + $25 nightly hotel credit! 

Last year one of my goals was to move my blog from Blogger over to Wordpress, but that didn't happen. I'm hoping this year I can finally make the commitment but it is going to take a lot of money and time. I've thought about ending this blog after 12 years of writing, but I do feel like brands find value in long form content. I also still enjoy writing!

When it comes to collaborations I look forward to new opportunities, but I continue to be very selective due to my schedule. I remember a couple of years ago I was shooting content almost every weekend, and it was very stressful. With a busy day job, I want my weekends to be relaxing and spent hanging out with family and friends. One of my proudest blogging moments was taking my family on a sponsored ski trip to Montana. I don't have the largest following, but I am authentic and know my readers trust my voice. 

Would I like more time to create fun content? Absolutely, but I try my hardest to balance my day job and accept I can't do it all. I don't want my kids to see me on my phone 24-7 on the weekends. 

Since I had my color analysis done (read all about it here), I've been incorporating new pieces into my wardrobe that compliment my skin tone which unfortunately isn't black. It's funny because I've always loved color, but usually purchase neutrals because it's easier to make my outfits work together. I'm not relying on that anymore and make more bold choices with fun colors. I've definitely been on a shopping kick as I've realized I simply don't leave my house much so I'm trying to up my athleisure wear game. 

A few things I've purchased recently:

- Gold faux Golden Goose ($79)

- Platform Gold Converse (paid $35 at the outlet) linking gold glitter version

- White Nike Low Sneaker (paid $40 at the outlet)

- Athleisure wear (pants, sports bra, Lululemon dupe pullover)

- Galentine's Party Dress

Photos: Amy Wilborn | Location: Imhoff House

Another big focus at the beginning of 2023 is getting to the bottom of my contact dermatitis which has been effecting my skin the past two years. I've had some really bad breakouts lately, and I feel like I *might* have found the root of my problem which could be the pH in my tears. Crazy? Maybe, but someone on Instagram messaged me that was her issue as well. I've got a dermatologist appointment booked and hoping to get some answers. 

Thank you for following along my journey!

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