January Small Goals

Years ago I started blogging about my monthly goals and it made a drastic impact on my life. Instead of focusing on big hairy yearly goals that are easy to lose track of I focused on smaller bite size goals that can help achieve those loftier goals. 

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I'm an enneagram 7 and LOVE dreaming of change. A new year and fresh goals excite me so much that I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to start. So this year I'm starting small again and going to take you on my journey. I encourage you to join me! Writing them down has a powerful effect and keeps me accountable. Small goals can be as simple as;

- Schedule a doctor's appt

- Call a friend you haven't spoken with in years

- Research summer camps 

- Stretch 3x a week

All of these can contribute to larger goals or can simply exist on their own. Self care is hard for mothers so I think a monthly goal for any mom that focuses on self care adds up to at least 12 times in 2024 they can focus on themselves. 

For each month I'm going to share a graphic from one of my favorite artists, Parima Studio, who creates the most beautiful paintings and then offers them as digital backgrounds every month. It's such a joy to get her email at the beginning of each month with a free download for a new desktop background. I like to the calendar view for my work computer which she also sends for free! Grab her current background here

10pm may seem late to some but I'm a night owl. By the time the kids go to bed I only have a couple of hours to myself. I enjoy watching a show, taking a bath and spending some time online. My problem is when I get stuck on the couch mindlessly scrolling and when I look up it's 12am. I also use the evening to post content to Instagram so ideally from 9-10 I use my phone for work/leisure and then I put away. 

I have been having chronic back pain for 6 months and am currently in physical therapy. I would like to take a yoga class twice a week to increase my core strength and flexibility. I started going to Black Swan Yoga in Round Rock and am loving the evening classes because it feels like I'm spending time in a sauna and I'm getting an amazing stretch before bed. I know this will be a bit more difficult when the kids start the spring sports season. I had paused my Orange Theory membership the past few months, but it will be unfreezing at the end of January so I hope to incorporate two of their workouts every week. 

I was on a health kick months ago when I decided to change up our family diet to help with my child's ADHD. In the process I was adamant on making smoothies to add more veggies into my children's diet. Alex headed straight to Costco (his favorite store) and bought a blender. How many times have I used that blender? ZERO. With that being said my small goal is to find one smoothie recipe and actually make it. Any recommendations are highly appreciated! 

Like I said I'm starting out small. Some of these goals may build on each other over time, but the purpose is to create achievable goals that encourage you to simply start! Feel free to join me : )


Amanda said...

Great post & I appreciate your approach to small steps. I love Kelly Leveque's smoothie recipes & my kids of similar ages like them too. https://bewellbykelly.com/blogs/blog/tagged/smoothies

I usually use vanilla protein powder, almond milk, banana, avocado, peanut butter or PB2, and spinach.

ckelleher said...

Love your goals! Here are two of my favorite smoothie recipes:

Citrus Crush Smoothie:
1. Blend the spinach, water, and orange until smooth.
2. Add the grapes and pineapple and blend again.
** I don't always use pineapple