Turner Jack - 4 months

Happy 4 months to Mr. T! Here are a few updates on his growth.


- Weighs 12.3 lb. and measures 25". He is in the 2nd percentile for weight, so the doctor prescribed him Prevacid for his acid reflux and we'll be switching his formula. Hopefully he'll begin to eat more as well as sleep longer. He usually only drinks 3-4oz. every 3-4 hours, and spits up at least 1-2 times after each feeding

- Rolls only to his left side, and then whimpers when he can't roll back over.

- Enjoys eating his toes

- Sleeps on his stomach in a sleep sack. We had to wean him from his swaddle very quickly when we found him one night sleeping on his stomach WHILE swaddled.

- Sleeps in a countdown pattern. 4 hours, wakes & eats, 3 hours, wakes & eats, 2 hours, Good morning. His bedtime is still all over the place. I'm pretty much the worst at getting him on a sleep schedule, but that is because my schedule is never consistent.

- Naps multiple times a day for about 45 minutes. If I put him in a swing or he lays on me he'll sleep almost 2 hours, but I'm trying to only let him nap in his crib to get him ready for day care. He can't soothe himself through a sleep cycle on his own. Any ideas?

- Giggles, but only if we're lucky or really funny. We've only heard him laugh a handful of times, but it is music to my ears.

- Wears cloth diapers, except when we run errands because disposables tend to not leak as much and they're simply easier.

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