Before & After: Living Room

Alex and I moved in to our first home a few months ago, and I want to share with you some of our progress.  We have decided to paint every inch of our house. I'm not joking when I say that. Every door, wall, cabinet and all the trim will be primed and painted.  Help us Jesus. 

Here is a look in to our living room.  Below is a break down of our paint choices.

Trim/Shelving: Sherwin-Williams Snow Bound
Walls: Sherwin-Williams Passive
Back of Shelving: Sherwin-Williams Meditative

The layout of the living room is still up for consideration, and we'd like to get a bigger couch, more chairs, contemporary light fixtures, a rug and a few other items.  But at this time it's not a priority, so we'll be content with what we have.   Alex finally talked me in to getting him a "man" chair, but thankfully it was free from a friend, so I gave in.  

I hope you enjoy our living room makeover. More to come of before & after projects!

Anyone have any good ideas as to what I should do with this giant wall?  It's the main focus of the living room, but I don't want to over crowd it either. HELP!

P.S. - Please excuse the filthy spotted carpet.  Alex tracked in mud one day, and decided to do the chicken dance all over the carpet.  I followed behind with a special soap I found on pinterest, but it ended up leaving splotches every where I cleaned. Any tips on how to remove soap stains?!

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