The Everyday Dress

Please excuse my smirk in all of these pictures. I was a tad bit cold.  I've been avoiding taking outfit pics in the morning due to the frigid weather we've had in Texas lately.  

Can we talk about how much I love this dress!? The sweatshirt material makes it extremely comfy, and the a-line waist is perfect for the days I feel like eating a ton. You can dress it up or down, but I dress pretty casual for work so I paired mine with riding boots and a scarf to accessorize.

Here's to the weekend! I'll be party prepping for my work Christmas party Alex and I will be hosting.  It is our first official Christmas party in our new house, and I'm a bit anxious.  We are working hard at becoming great party hosts, and hope that one day we will have friends and family over for numerous parties through out the year.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Dress: Gap
Boots: Nine West - I highly recommend these boots! The skinny calf is perfect for my fellow chicken leg ladies.
Scarf: Luxe No. 7
Coat: Tulle via Nordstrom

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