Sunday Best

I realized last minute before Easter I had zero spring dresses in my closet (aka I was really bored of the dresses I owned).  I found this dress at Altar'd State and fell in love, the only problem was the length was a tad too short my taste, especially since I was going to be wearing it to church.  An employee pointed out a skirt slip that added just enough length my dress, plus it is a half slip so you can move it up and down your waistline depending on the length of your dress.  I love the texture it added to my outfit.  Alex of course called me out on it in church saying "Is your slip supposed to showing like that!?"  I know I'm going to get much use out of this purposely exposed slip.

Dress: Altar'd State
Slip: Altar'd State
Shoes: Gianni Binni
Purse: Small boutique in Abilene

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