Turner Jack - 19 Months

My baby is turning in to a little boy : ( . He is at such a fun stage as he learns new words everyday, and they sound so extremely cute when I hear them for the first time. Here's a quick update.

- Sleeps from 7pm to 7am. This amazing sleep is one reason holding me back from having another baby.  I enjoy a full night's sleep way too much, because I know what it's like to not have it. He still sleeps with a pacifier and white noise sound machine.

- Favorite words: See, Hi, Juice, Dada/Daddy, Bike, Car, Please, Bite, Crackoo (mix between cracker & cookie). He just learned the word no, and will repeat it after I tell him no.  And so it begins ; )

- Favorite Foods: Fruit, cheese, macaroni.  We try not to give him sweets, but every once in a while we'll give him a bite of a cookie or ice cream. I've never seen a temper tantrum so bad than when I take away his sweets.

- Activities: Enjoys hanging out with Dad in the garage, walks to the park in his stroller, blowing bubbles, anything involving water

- Random Facts:

  • Loves sticks and rocks.  He will find a stick wherever he goes, and screams bloody murder when I make him leave it outside when it's time to come inside.
  • Dislikes getting dressed and having his diaper changed
  • Loves playing with his cousins and next door neighbors
  • Favorite song to dance to: Soprano's intro music. Is that wrong?

Tee/Swim Trunks: Baby Gap. Shoes: MiniToes

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