Overall Success

A few weekends ago I stopped by Cotton On with my friend for the first time. I mosied my way to the sale section in the very back, and I was immediately attracted to these overalls. "$35? Eh, I'll try them on. I doubt they'll fit." Sure enough they did, and I might have done a happy dance in the dressing room. Do you ever do that? Find a piece you love so much you literally bust out dancing or jump up and down in your dressing room because you're so excited?!  As I headed to check out, I went through my normal questions "Do I need it? No. Do I love it? Yes. Can I afford it? $35 is a lot cheaper than Free People's version. 

So, I talked myself in to them.  As the clerk rang them up, she let me know they were a final sale item and were $10. TEN DOLLARS! Heck yes. Now Alex really couldn't complain about me buying them.  I have worn them every weekend since I purchased them, even though Alex is not a fan.  They are uber comfy, and every time I wear them I think about the awesome deal I got.

Overalls: Cotton On (Find the shortall version here)
Top: Gap
Shoes: Target

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