Little Boy

Turner is still my baby, but when I look at recent pictures I've taken of him I realize how much he's grown.  He's obsessed with lawnmowers, cars/trucks/bikes, swimming, and putting on our shoes. Every time he says "I looove you", it almost brings me to tears. Tonight, as I held him while he sat quietly with me on the couch and cuddled (rarely ever happens), I took in a deep breath of his baby smell.  I looked over at Alex and said I hope I never forget that smell, especially when he's 16 and hates me.  I know he won't stay tiny forever, and that's ok, but I hope I always remember these special moments we share together.  Thank you journals and iCloud for helping me to never forget.

P.S. - How cute is this Y'ALL tee?  It's screen printed by Austin's own, Kacie Case, owner of Mama Case Prints.  She has the cutest items, and her little boy is absolutely adorable (think chubby cheeks with the most beautiful curly blonde locks).  She's currently out on maternity leave, but her shop will be up and running soon after.  Check out her awesome Instagram account here!

Tee: c/o MamaCase Prints
Shorts: Kohl's
Shoes: Converse

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