Sensible Swap

I originally wanted this Jcrew shirt, but $60 wasn't in my budget.  I went by Jcrew to try it on for size just to see, and I found this chambray shirt on sale for $20. Great success (in Borat accent)! I'm trying my hardest to not by anything new before our trip to San Francisco, that way I can save $ to buy something unique from a cute boutique in San Fran. Well, I also can't shop because our A/C went out,  we're in mid bathroom remodel, and Alex's car is having issues. Praying nothing else goes wrong in the next month.

What's happening in most of my pictures
Top: Jcrew
Jeans: Fossil
Shoes: TJ Maxx

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Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

OMG I l-o-v-e your haircut!!! SO freakin' cute.