25 Weeks {Twins}

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Babies Genders: Boy AND Girl

Due Date: February 8, will deliver no later than January 25

Things to Note:
- People are beginning to comment about my bump. Strangers hadn't started saying anything till a few days ago, and 3 people in one day asked me when I was due.

- Alex and I took Turner trick-or-treating this year, and after an hour 1/2 walk around the neighborhood I was ready to sit down. Thankfully my in-laws took Turner to a hotel for the night, so Alex and I could through our annual Halloween party which was a blast. I stayed up till 1am, and woke up naturally at 7am (which was really 6am due to the time change). Why?! I finally can sleep in and I can't!

Nursery: Currently on week 5 of the One Room Challenge and the nursery is 95% complete! I can't wait to show you the final look. It's definitely my favorite room in my home. Check out my latest post of Week 4 here!

- The babies are starting to roll around in my belly, making the movements a bit painful at times but I love it.  Every once in a while I'll wake up in the middle of the night and the babies are NOT ready to be woken up. I'll go to the restroom, and my stomach is super tight and the babies are in the weirdest positions.

- Aching pain in my right hamstring/butt after I stand for too long.

- I have braxton hicks contractions about 3-5 times a days.

Exercise: Finally feeling better and was able to get back in the gym! Body Pump, and tried out the new PureBarre Cedar Park!

Clothing: I have officially stopped buying maternity clothes. There's just no point since I'm so far along, although I wouldn't mind having some long tunics to wear with leggings since I want to wear spandex every day.

Cravings: Hamburgers (what's new), sour candy


Lee Anne said...

You look great and good for you for still working out during pregnancy!
-Lee Anne

Sarah said...

When do you squeeze in your workouts? Mornings or after work?

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks girl!

Jesse Coulter said...

I work out after work (sometimes before dinner around 5pm, sometimes after around 7pm). My husband works out in the morning, so I have to be at home with my son.