One Room Challenge: Twin Nursery {Week 4}

Week 4 of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge is complete! I find myself sitting in Walt and Whitney's nursery every night. I love it so much, and want to make it as comfy as possible because I remember how bad I got the baby blues with Turner. Maybe a beautiful room will cheer me up when I face those tough emotions again...at least I'm telling myself that.

The nursery is 90% complete, because I will be out of town Monday-Thursday next week, and Friday morning I'm having the nursery photographed. So, it needs to be 100% complete by this coming Sunday. It's been challenging pulling this together so quickly, but it's been fun and I'm excited for it to be finished so soon. After it's all done, I can focus on organizing the closet, purchasing baby clothes (I have only a few girl outfits), preparing my hospital bag, and maybe read some books on twins (haven't done any of that).  Here's a look at what I accomplished (with the help of my husband) this past week!

  • Hung 24x36 posters over cribs (I can't wait to show you these beauties!)
  • Replaced closet doors
  • Hung AtHome mirror over dresser
  • Glider came in, was assembled and is ready for some long nights!
  • Made a trip to IKEA for last minute items, faux sheep skin, shelves for books, curtain rod hardware (I forgot my $30 gift card at home and my total came out to $34...ugh! I was not about to leave w/out my stuff though, I loathe walking through IKEA and didn't want to go back anytime soon.) 
  • Hung frames and book shelves
  • Ordered an Ubbi diaper pail and wipes dispenser as well as a felt garland from Etsy shop GracieAndMarie (I'm excited to be collaborating with some great brands)
  • Bought a basket for books & toys, a ceramic elephant, and 2 throw pillows from Target using a few gift cards I received when I spent OVER $150 on diapers (sadly, the diapers will not last very long). 
Art by my friend Katie
DIY Felt Banner
Stuffed Panda: Jellycats. Throw Pillow: Target
I would love to add one of these acrylic side tables to the nursery, but I think my husband might lose it if I buy one more thing.
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Amanda & Jerrod Carpenter said...

Hey! Your nursery is precious! I was looking at that exact rocker on Wayfair. Is it comfortable? Would you recommend it?

Unknown said...

Looking good!

Jesse Coulter said...

Danke ; )

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Amanda! I really like it, only set back for my husband is that the back isn't as tall as he would like to rest his head against.

Unknown said...

Oh you are flying and way ahead of me!! I almost choked when I saw that you spent $150 on diapers...and it won't last long?! You do have two, but still. Babies can be potty trained at 3 months, right?:) I love all of your frames from last week. I may need to do that, too. I can't wait to see it all completed!

Alexis Edwards said...

We have had 3 diff diaper pails and Ubbi is the absolute winner. Diaper genie broke. Twice. And Dekor makes your house smell like a dead animal. Ubbi keeps the smell away the best, plus you dont have to buy special liners!! Just a normal trash bag! Winning! Im sure you know all this and prob like read reviews or something, but I got excited when I read Ubbi :) everything looks so awesome. Can I pay you to decorate my entire house?