Weekend Shopping Trip

I took a quick trip to the Domain this past Saturday to grab a pair of earrings and knew I wanted to stop at Zara and Forever 21. I fell in love with almost EVERYTHING I tried on and snapped a few photos of my outfits. I spent about 2 hours total and only went in those two stores.

Zara had a ton of cute rompers and jumpsuits. I have never tried on one like this before ($40), but I really liked the cut and style. I love all of Zara's clothing because they take basic pieces and add a fun twist to them. Like a unique cut, collar, sleeve or hem.

I took Whitney because she's my most calm child. She discovered herself in the mirror and it was seriously the cutest moment. She kept making out with the mirror.

Whitney's Outfit - Top/Bottom Set: Old Navy. Shoes: Freshly Picked Moccasins
My jaw dropped when I saw this gingham dress. It was made of a very thick material and the cut out sleeves were to die for. You can't tell but it was pretty short. I decided to pass because it was $50 and my goal was to find Fall pieces. However, I did try on some leather leggings the dress went pretty good with.

Y'all have a problem with stripes. I can not get enough of them. I saw these pants and I knew they had to be mine. Thankfully they were less than $30. I bought a simple gray tee and boxy black pocket tee to pair with these pants.

THIS SHIRT! I haven't owned a basic white button down in years, honestly maybe ever. Probably because I have messy kids and I also can't eat without getting something on me. This is a perfect example of how Zara takes a staple item for everyone's wardrobe and adds a unique twist. Oversized, long hem in the back, shorter in the front and 3/4 length rolled sleeves. I call this my cool art teacher look.

I tried on a few options of faux leather pants. One pair of tight spandex....gah...it's the worst feeling. But these trousers fit great and would be so cute paired with the right top and shoes this Fall/Winter.

I tried on a few shift dresses that would be easy to wear to work with a pair of booties. I size up with shift dresses, because my hips are much bigger than my chest. These were both larges.

These jeans were literally titled "Mom Jeans" and I loved them! I didn't get them because they were $50 and Alex thoroughly dislikes pants that make butts long. Maybe another time...I just love my American Eagle jeans and don't NEED another pair of holey jeans.

Thank goodness for a dressing room big enough for our stroller and a place to sit and feed.

After Zara I headed next door to Forever 21. Have you ever shopped in the men's section there? I'm a big fan of checking out men's accessories (scarves, hats, etc). I found this awesome navy faux leather baseball cap and it was only $12. I decided to walk away from it, but it would be so cute this Fall/Winter when you don't feel like washing your hair!

One can never have too many striped tees....or can you? This tee was $10 and very comfy. It also came in gray with white stripes, and light pink with white stripes.

Last but not least! My FAVORITE purchase of the day. I have been searching all over the internet for a faux leather jacket. I bought one about 10 years ago from Forever 21, and it finally bit the dust a year ago (material started peeling off). I honestly contemplated spending WAY too much money on a real leather jacket that I could have forever, but I just can't justify a purchase like that right now.

I was doing some research online, and I saw that Forever 21 had a few options. I hoped they would have them in store and to my delight they did! They had a few different styles, some short, some longer, some with more detail but ultimately I found my PERFECT jacket. It's soft, comfy, the perfect length and just enough detail. The BEST part....it was only $25! Oh my goodness...I almost jumped with joy in the store. I always tend to fall in love with clothes that are way too expensive, so this was a nice surprise. If your interested in this jacket it also comes in a blush pink and a moss green.

Funny thing. The whole reason I went to the Domain was to get one cute pair of cheap earrings for our family photo session, and sure enough I forgot to freakin' wear them! Doh! Check out more of my looks here, and let me know if you think I have a stripes obsession!


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The picture of her smiling into the mirror is PRECIOUS!

Leah Ann said...

Cute stuff - I don't think I ever realized that Zara was so affordable. Know where I'm going the next time I go shopping!