Walt & Whitney: 10 Months

To my little ding dongs...that's what I like to call them these days. What a month it's been! Their personalities are hilarious to watch. Whitney is stoic and doesn't crack a smile easily, but when she does it's the sweetest thing. Walt is my goofball and laughs at anything I do.

Life lately:

  • STOP the sickness! I don't remember a day I haven't given one of them antibiotics in the past 6 weeks.
  • I took a new job and life has been insane! I've doubled my commute, and I have much more work to do during the day. I leave work at 4, get home just in time to pick them up by 5 and it's a $%&# show till about 8pm. However, I love my job!
  • Alex and I took a mini-vacation to Houston for my 30th and it was the best! Much needed time away from kiddos, where we could actually talk and eat in peace. My in-laws drove down from Dallas to watch all three!
Onesies: Gap. Moccasins: Freshly Picked.
  •  Oh my goodness, it's been the worst. Walt still wakes up at least once a night (sometimes twice), but now Whitney has decided to join in. Also add Turner in to the mix, because most nights he gets out of his bed and comes to our room, and I immediately get up and put him back in his bed. So any given night I'm up a minimum of 3 times...last night it was 5 (even with the help of Alex).
  • The lack of sleep has really taken a toll on me, so I've had to start making a 10pm curfew for myself. In the past I would stay up blogging till 11pm, but I can't function off of that. I'm waking up most mornings around 5:30/6 depending on when Walt wakes up. Last night I was in bed by 7:50pm!!!
  • Whitney is still the easiest when it comes to going to sleep. I usually lay her down and she falls asleep on her own. Most nights I feed Walt a bottle in a rocking chair in his room. He falls asleep or is very close and then I lay him down. Both wear sleep sacks. Whitney takes a pacifier and Walt doesn't.  

  • So many ear infections I can't count. We have a tube appointment for both of them next week.
  • Whitney has three new top teeth.
  • We had our first round of flu shots, and are going back for the second round next week.
  • They have about 4 bottles a day (6 oz.), and I'm trying to get them to drink water but they aren't a fan.
  • They eat pureed baby food at lunch and dinner, and we feed them table food whenever we can. If I have food, they are at my feet like a dog that hasn't been fed in a week. I call them my little vultures.

  • Clothing - Whitney 9-12 months, Walt 9-12, 12-18 months in some brands
  • Diapers - Size 4 Huggies
  •  Both took their first steps! Walt will take 5-6 steps in a row without falling, while Whitney takes 2-3 steps and falls. 

  • Whitney is obsessed with shadows
  • Both like sitting in the bouncer outside which gives me 10 minutes of silence and time to clean!
  • If I can escape their eyesight they will play together and it's my favorite thing to watch. I know they are talking to each other when they make a very high pitched squeal and babble which they never do with anyone else. They follow each other everywhere. 
  • Walt hates having his diaper changed and Whitney does not like sharing toys with Walt. 

I can't believe it's almost December, and they will be ONE in two months!

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