March Small Goals

This past weekend at the Thrive Conference, Emma from A Beautiful Mess, spoke about the power of goal making. She credited setting measurable goals as her #1 trait of being boss (not just a real boss, but being bad a*# in general). I also love reading Nicole and Chelsea's monthly goals posts, so I thought I would join in and share with you my small goals for March. I hope to continue this for the rest of the year.

1. Take a  PureBarre class twice a week
I currently have a 3 month Pure Barre Membership and have been LOVING it. Y'all I can barely walk after each class, but I'm getting much stronger and more flexible. I can already see a major change in my bottom and stomach after a few classes. I take the latest class available on weeknights which is at 7:15pm so I don't leave Alex with kid duty for too long before bed. Walt and Whitney are usually asleep by 7pm or shortly after.

2. Have coffee with someone that inspires me
I'm going to write a longer post about this one, but I started doing this in January and have LOVED it! I love learning from others, and soaking in their knowledge and life experiences. My schedule is crazy, so I really have to plan out time to meet with people. The Domain has been my go-to meet up spot.

3. Go on a date with Alex
Last month we hired a babysitter for the FIRST time and it was the best decision! Finding someone to watch twin babies plus a toddler is tough, and we can't afford TWO babysitters .Thankfully our neighbor who watches the twins during the day was free. Why we didn't think of this sooner I have NO idea! We had dinner and went dancing with our best friends from college. Afterwards, I told Alex we need to do that more often because I miss dating him.

4. Design and order our 2016 Family Yearbook
In 2015 I started the tradition of creating a Family Yearbook through Shutterfly, and since then we've absolutely loved having a book full of photos and memories to look back on. I have a LOT of photos and a LOT of memories so this task is kind of daunting but also exciting.

5. Plan the 9th ATX Blogger Mixer
I took a long break after the last mixer, and spent time refocusing on my priorities. In the midst of not planning an opportunity came up for a venue I thought would be the perfect place to host. So with that I'll be doing some very minor planning. See photos from our past events here.


Molly | Awfully Big Adventure Blog said...

Ahhh very excited for the last goal! Definitely want to join the next mixer. I have no idea how you do it all, but I'm glad that you do! :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Pure Barre is the BEST!

Lacey said...

I love your goals. One of my goals is to get together in person more with friends. For March, I've planned lunches with friends and my aunt throughout the month.

Chrystina said...

Best of luck planning your next ATX mixer, I always wish I lived closer when I see the recaps. ALSO. LOVE the "have coffee with someone who inspires me" goal. I feel like that would be a really fun new years resolution.