ATX Blogger Mixer Recap

Last month I hosted my 9th ATX Blogger Mixer! I took a break after the last mixer in November, because I needed time off from planning. I wasn't sure how long I would wait to start planning the next, but the opportunity fell right in to my lap and I couldn't pass it up.

Early this year I took my first SoulCycle class, and I absolutely loved it. I decided right then and there I wanted to share my experience with others. All of my mixers in the past were held at a local boutique or restaurant, so this was DEFINITELY going to be different. I knew I would likely have less attendees because of the work out, but for those that wanted to try SoulCycle it would be a blast. No makeup, no fancy outfit...just sweating and looking like a hot mess together!

After class JuiceLand provided everyone with healthy juices, Recovery Punch and Tigerlilly, as well as their homemade vegan kale chips. I'm a huge fan of JuiceLand, and grab a shot and cold pressed juice when I feel the slightest cold coming on.  I love partnering with brands I'm already a big fan of!

My mixers are never complete without custom cookies, and Lacey from Shortbread Baking Co. didn't disappoint, as always. Her shortbread cookies are always a hit, because they taste even better than they look!

I didn't have a featured speaker, but I decided last minute to share a few tips I had learned over the past 6 years of blogging. Some tips included creating high quality content, not burning bridges and building quality relationships with PR firms. I think I'll share a full list of my tips in the future with you!

To be honest, I would love for my mixer to turn in to a conference or weekend workshop, but at this time I simply do not have the capacity to plan an event like that. I dream about it and think about it often, but life is WAY too busy with my full-time job and raising three young kiddos. I won't give up on it, and maybe by putting it out there will get it closer to coming to fruition.

If you haven't been to a mixer and would like to be notified for the next one, like the ATX Blogger Mixer Facebook page to stay updated. Thank you to everyone who came out and SoulCycle for the amazing swag bags!

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