Casual Office

Here are a few snapshots of outfits I've worn to work the past few weeks.  I wear a lot of flats, and casual pants since the dress code is business casual.  Every once in a while I wear my heels, although last time I slipped on the stairs and busted it in front of my co-workers. Thankfully I don't get too embarrassed, and just laughed at myself. One thing that stinks about my office is that it's always FREEZING! It doesn't matter how hot it is outside, it feels like Antarctica inside.  I'm not allowed a space heater : ( so I pretty much wear my jacket all day.  I've decided there's no point in buying new tops, I just need to buy jackets and long cardigans.  Sorry for the nursery pics, but you'll have to get used to them. It's either this or my work's bathroom.

Top/Pants: Jcrew Factory. Jacket: Levi's Outlet. Shoes: Sperry's

Top: Target. Jeans: Gap. Flats: DSW

Top/Pants: Gap. Jacket: Levi's Outlet. Shoes: Aldo.

Top: Forever 21. Blazer: Urban Outfitters. Pants: Gap. Shoes: Sperry's.

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