This past weekend I visited my family down south, but this time w/out Turner and Alex.  I spent a lot of quality time with my nieces, which is always enjoyable (except when they scream & fight).  Saturday night we had a dance party in my parent's front lawn for over an hour. We danced to the entire Kids Bop 22 soundtrack. Holy moly, I love dancing with little kids, because they think your dances moves are awesome.  I also got a FULL night of sleep. Hallelujah! 

Sunday, we danced some more (the weather was perfect), and I taught them a little move from Wayne's World..."SCHWING!" My sis wasn't too impressed when they showed her what Aunt Rae Rae taught them.  That's what crazy aunts are for! Right? 

This weekend's weather was amazing, and it made me want to be outside all day.  All I want to wear are dresses, shorts and sandals.  Guess it's time to find some spring deals. What is your go to store for warm weather outfits? 

Saturday's outfit - Dress: Francesca's. Shoes: TJ Maxx

A chalk portrait of Aunt Rae Rae

Where the shenanigans happen.

Returning home to Mr. T. He missed my hair.

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