Turner Jack - 12 Months

Turner officially turned ONE on October 19.  It has been a year of learning and pure joy!  

Mr. T

- Weighs 18 lbs 13 oz (12th percentile), and is in the 45th percentile for height and head circumfrence

- Loves to be outside.  He was gifted a swing and radio flyer wagon for his birthday, and he is obsessed.  With this beautiful fall weather, I've enjoyed taking Turner for walks every night before dinner.  

- Pats Alex's back when Alex picks him up out of his crib.  He also lays his head on Alex's shoulder at the same time, and I think it is the cutest thing.

- Is a walking fool.  This past week he has been walking everywhere, smacking his little baby feet around with his arms raised high.

- Miraculously sleeps through the night.  He wakes up crying about an hour before he wakes for the day around 6:30am, but I think it's because he can hear my phone alarm going off in my room.

- Enjoys music. What baby doesn't?  I like to watch Austin City Limits with Turner, because he seems to really enjoy the live performances.  He hasn't been much of a dancer, which honestly kind of surprises me since he is my flesh and blood.  Right now I think he's having more fun laughing at me while I try to dance.

- Loves when I read to him, but he tries to eat the book about 2 minutes in to the story.

- Is Alex's favorite wood working buddy.  When I need a break from T, Alex will strap him in the baby Bjorn and take him to the garage while Alex organizes his tools and does "man" things.

- When it comes to vocabulary, he can say two words; Mama and Dada.  We haven't been doing a good job of using sign language, so he hasn't been signing to us at all.

- Does a great job eating.  His school teacher says he ALWAYS finishes his meals, and of course he has to be the first one to be fed.  There are times when he shakes his head "no" to certain foods (peas, banana yogurt), but other than that he'll pretty much eat anything.

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