Behind the Camera

Like many other bloggers, my spouse is my photographer.  He's not a fan of the photo process, so I've learned exactly what I need to do to make him hate it a little less.
  1. Ask a day ahead of time or at least the morning of if he would take some photos
  2. Don't ask him to stop what he's doing and take the photos until I'm completely ready (lipgloss on, and camera on the correct setting)
  3. Make it short - We usually spend less than 3 minutes taking photos, about 15-20 photos
  4. Thank him for helping me with my blog/creativity - he knows it's important to me

I guess I could just get a tripod, but that would be too easy.  Who's behind your camera fellow bloggers? How do they feel about taking your photo?

P.S. - How cute is this scarf?  It's the perfect accessory for keeping me warm on a cool spring day.

Scarf: c/o Willa Kate and Co.
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Gianni Bini

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