Simple Summer Style

Meet the softest tank you will ever wear. You can dress it up like I did here, or wear jeans and converse with it and it would be just as cute.  I'm a sucker for simple tops and neutrals, and periodically I have to stop myself from buying so much gray. Check out Everlane for some amazing basic pieces that are high quality and won't break the bank.

Top: c/o Everlane
Shorts: Loft 
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita via Nordstrom
Necklace: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Forever 21


Unknown said...

I've been on a mad hunt for a loose fitting tank. This one is perfect! Does it fit pretty true to size? I'm with you on the gray :). I own so much of it!

Mrs.Priesand said...

Just started following you! Great blog! Question...would loVE to buy that gold maternity dress you bought at a costume shop once. Do you still have it? Crossing my fingers? Visiting from California and can meet to pick up!!!! Or you can ship. Please say you still have it! :)

Jesse Coulter said...

Thanks Mrs. Priesand! Email me at jessercoulter@gmail.com and we can discuss the maternity dress. It is still available.