Have you ever "liked" a blogger's Instagram photo, and then received an email with the item details and it was insanely expensive! I don't know why I follow bloggers who have MUCH bigger budgets than I, maybe for inspiration?  After a few instances of being extremely pissed off that bloggers would send me to a dress that costs $600, I decided I should start linking my outfits to show you affordable yet fashionable options.  So from now check out the bottom of my style posts to find links to either the exact item or a similar option (many of my items are OLD). If you follow me on Instagram, sign up HERE and every time you "like" my post, you will get an email with the links to my outfit pieces!

Tee: Gap. Shorts: DIY Thrifted Levi's (Tutorial HERE). Sandals: Old Navy Sunglasses: Forever 21
Jacket: Jcrew Factory. Tee: Forever 21. Pants/Flats: Gap.
Tee/Jeans: Gap. Sandals: Birkenstocks. Sunglasses: PacSun
Dress: Forever 21. Shoes: Creature's Boutique
Jacket: Jcrew Factory. Jeans: Old Navy (Rockstar Skinnies). Rain boots: Walmart. Tee: NY Airport.


Now Choose Life said...

You need to read the Texas Monthly article on fashion bloggers and how much money they make because of one girl who figured out a way to make money from people buying what they see you your blog. It was a Texas monthly with in the past year. I think it had UT football on the front.

Jesse Coulter said...

I have read that! Great article! I actually have met, Amber, who owns Reward Style. A genius idea and now she's a millionaire because of it. I have friends who have quit work to be full time fashion bloggers because they make so much $ off of affiliate marketing. I don't think I'll ever be there, but it sure is fun to blog!

Unknown said...

Oof, idk how girls my age can afford such lavish clothes! It blows my mind. And then they'll usually only wear it once. I'll stick to my Old Navy & Target budget clothes, haha ;o)

Rachel Lately | Austin Style Blog

Andrea Hartman said...

I hear ya on the expensive items getting old! Sometimes I think some fashion bloggers are getting 'out of touch' because they're to the point of getting so many expensive c/o items. Have you checked out Everlane? They are a less expensive retailer, but a little bit higher-quality than Target or Old Navy. Anyway, I really like what you did to your shorts, makes me want to attack mine with scissors, and that F21 dress is perfect!